Why is cybersecurity important?

In the current digital world, cyberattacks come in various forms and are on the rise, making cybersecurity engineers play a vital role in preventing, detecting, and testing system vulnerabilities to safeguard important data and cyber safety. This involves dividing the tasks into two teams:


RED TEAM: The Red Team specializes in penetrating systems to close vulnerabilities and is often referred to as “ethical hackers.” This team is in high demand by various organizations.


BLUE TEAM: The Blue Team acts as the watchdog, monitoring systems, detecting threats, and protecting against potential dangers that may pose a risk to an organization’s security.

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Cyber Security Training Course

Cybersecurity Courses: Learn cybersecurity from our Training Service. Conducted by experts, our courses elevate your cybersecurity knowledge. With a variety of courses catering to different levels, we address every need, cover all content levels, solve every problem, dispel any doubts, and ensure the definite updating of your cybersecurity knowledge for everyone.

Why you have to choose our Cybersecurity courses?

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All-in-One Cybersecurity
All-in-One Cybersecurity Comprehensive Course

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All-in-One Virtualization and Cloud Security v1
Cloud Environment Simulation and Security Maintenance Course


Professional Certification Course in Information Security

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Cyber Security Awareness Training
Cybersecurity Awareness Training Course

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Cyber Security for IT Auditors
Cybersecurity Course for IT Auditors

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Cyber Security Fundamentals
Fundamental Cybersecurity Course

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Cyber Security Workshop
Cybersecurity Practical Training Course

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Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics Course


Evidence Acquisition
Digital Evidence Acquisition Course


How to be a Cyber Threat Hunter v1
How to be a Cyber Threat Hunter v1 Course


How to be an Incident Responder v1
How to be an Incident Responder v1 Course


Infrastructure Security
Fundamental Infrastructure Security Course


Malware Analysis
Malware Analysis Course


Network Forensics
Network Forensics Course


Network Penetration Testing
Network Penetration Testing Course


Offensive for CTF (Capture the Flag) Course


Offensive Security (Red Team) v1 (Inappropriate Security System)
Malware Analysis Course


Overview Web Application Security
Comprehensive Web Application Security Course


Penetration Testing with Kali
Network Penetration Testing Course - Penetration Testing with Kali


SOC Analyst Outline
Outline of SOC (Security Operations Center) Analysis and Security Monitoring Course


SOC Operation and Analysis C
SOC (Security Operations Center) Operation and Analysis Course C


SOC (Security Operations Center) Operation and Analysis Course


SOC (Security Operations Center) Operation Outline


Web application


Web Application Hacking


Web Application Hacking & Secure Coding


SOC Operation Outline (โครงร่างการดำเนินงานศูนย์ปฏิบัติการเฝ้าระวังความมั่นคงปลอดภัย)


Web application (เว็บแอปพลิเคชัน)

Let's study a cyber security course with

Red Team and Blue Team

to raise awareness of cyber threats in various formats

Cybersecurity Awareness

Creating awareness of cybersecurity in various formats to keep users up-to-date with current cyber threats.

Red Team

Red Team: Learn professional system penetration (White Hacker) and practical training through Cyber Simulation (Online Lab)

Blue Team

Blue Team: Learn how to use cybersecurity defense tools and analyze cyber attacks, as well as respond to various threats.

Our Skill Provide



Choose the right course, lessons you like

Covering all content levels, catering to every learner's needs

Answering every question, resolving all doubts about what is taught in Cybersecurity

Various courses, packed with quality content

A wide variety of Cybersecurity courses, choose to study according to your needs

Instructed by experts, deeply knowledgeable about Cybersecurity

Guaranteed that the instructors are certified to international standards and hold certificates

SOSECURE is widely recognized in the field of Cybersecurity. Additionally, we have experts in Cybersecurity from various organizations with years of experience who have joined our company. This ensures confidence for our customers, who will receive comprehensive and secure care for their organizations.

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