Sharing new technology trend
and providing cutting edge IT Solution

Sharing new technology trend and providing cutting edge IT Solution

Deliver New Technology And Business Information

IT: Cyber Security, AI and ERP
ECO: Circular economy, carbon neutral, energy saving and bio business

Online Marketing Service

- Online Seminar support
- Event promotion support (E-mail magazine, SNS)
- Telemarketing support

Cyber Security Solution

- Email phishing simulation
- Vulnerability check
- PDPA support
- Digital forensic
- Training

AI Solution

- AI-translation
- System for improve business

Latest Webinar

Next generation SOC (Security Operation Center)

SOSECURE is proud to present the Next generation SOC (Security Operation Center), a new approach to security for the modern organization. In this seminar, you will learn how to protect your organization with cutting-edge AI technology like Stella, which gives you the power to see, analyze, and stop threats with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

New Technologies for Structural Analysis Simulation for Automobile and Machinery Design

~Methods to Improve Productivity and Reduce Lead Time in New Product Design and Development~ this time, we will introduce new technologies from DENTSU SOKEN (THAILAND) Co., Ltd., a leading system integrator in Japan, aimed at improving productivity and reducing lead time in new product design and development.

(Online Workshop) Phishing Awareness Workshop

Help employees recognize and report phishing attempt. This workshop is organized to raise awareness about the threat of phishing attacks for personnel in the organization. Phishing is a popular deception technique used by malicious actors to trick users into revealing personal or confidential organizational information, or unintentionally downloading malware.

Anything you need

Solutions for developing and managing organizations to streamline complex work processes for greater convenience.

We gather IT solutions that assist in managing various work processes

including automatic language translation systems, conference participation systems, automated robotics, electronic tax systems, digital signatures, as well as data security tools and many more.

With our comprehensive service systems available in both local and online clouds, we can provide users with responsive and efficient solutions.

Combined with state-of-the-art international software and backed by expert consultants in Thailand and abroad, we are confident that our services will undoubtedly assist you.

Providing consultation by experts
Providing IT solutions services

Our Products And Services

Category: IT Security

Our Email Phishing Simulation & Training service will enhance the security of your organization by simulating real email phishing attacks and providing training. This training will increase awareness of email attack risks within your team.
Cracker Probing-Eyes® is a modern tool designed to assist businesses in inspecting and assessing vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure of an organization at each layer, such as the Network Infrastructure layer. It comes with the capability to perform automatic and full scans.

ORB Digital Forensic Service by BBSec is ready to assist clients in strengthening their cyber security by analyzing and investigating the causes of cyber attacks and cyber crimes occurring in a rapidly changing digital environment.

BBsec & Orion Investigations [ORB] understands the intricacies of PDPA compliance challenges faced by organizations. Their proficient team specializes in providing comprehensive PDPA compliance solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Category: Online Marketing Services

This service can help businesses plan and promote webinars to create opportunities for sales, thought leadership, engagement, and training objectives.
This service can assist businesses in creating targeted email campaigns for customer segmentation, automated systems, building customer relationships, and tracking performance.

Category: AI Solutions

AIScanRobo® The best DX tools with AI to support your back office! Easily transform ‘paper documents’ into ‘digital data’ with high precision AI-OCR, developed with cutting-edge Deep Learning technology. Ensure accurate text recognition, even in complex document structures. Upgrade your workflow with AIScanRobo® DX!
ZTRUS, a customizable OCR system tailored to customer needs, operates on a ‘private cloud.’ It assists in converting document files into digital formats using technology designed for diverse documents, such as receipts, purchase orders, delivery notes, and various other document types. Meeting the demands of end-to-end business solutions, with a support team boasting over 20 years of experience.
APPMAN utilizes advanced OCR technology and AI Machine Learning to seamlessly convert image files into digital data. It supports various types of documents, ensuring security standards are met. By eliminating excessive document processes, OCR enhances operational efficiency. With a team of experienced experts in Digital Transformation, bringing over 10 years of expertise to enhance business processes.
“Onyaku” is Voice Translation System based on AI technology. This system is developed by “Rozetta” which is leading company of AI Translation System in Japan. Their system is recorded over 95% accuracy of translation in business field and over 5,000 companies are using.

Category: Workflow

Time Attendance Management System, ranked No. 1 in Japan – King Of Time. Managing work hours becomes easier and more convenient through the Cloud system, accessible to anyone. Created to streamline the workflow of your organization.

Empower your work with an intelligent paperless process by Canon Marketing Thailand, using software designed to help employees work efficiently. At the same time, it reduces the time spent on administrative tasks and paper-intensive processes.
Manage and Approve Documents Online, with the ability to store documents at your fingertips. A Smart Solution chosen by leading companies in Thailand and used by over 50 companies worldwide. Transforming traditional work into smarter work in the digital age, reducing costs by up to 97%! With the Smart Solution Brainergy Digital

Category: Accounting software

Easy online accounting to management of task and payment, reducing time. Open bills, share documents anywhere with status updates, View sales Manage stock online, Collect customer money immediately, Manage your business through mobile with an accounting application, Guaranteed with 60,000 companies using this software.
Manage your business like a pro. Automated Online Accounting Software for SMEs Your Companion to Success all steps included that makes your business easy to manage and become more professional ! Let PEAK builds the infrastructure to do business & Doing business more convenient & Bring more information and easier access to funding sources
Helps you manage problems both in the main office and branches abroad with easy-to-use and highly functional features. Can learn the system in a short period, configure settings remotely without the need to visit customer support offices. Supports 11 languages and all currencies worldwide.
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