Sharing new technology trend
and providing cutting edge IT Solution

Deliver New Technology And Business Information

IT: Cyber Security, AI and ERP
ECO: Circular economy, carbon neutral, energy saving and bio business

Online Marketing Service

- Online Seminar support
- Event promotion support (E-mail magazine, SNS)
- Telemarketing support

Cyber Security Solution

- Email phishing simulation
- Vulnerability check
- PDPA support
- Digital forensic
- Training

AI Solution

- AI-translation
- System for improve business

Anything you need

Solutions for developing and managing organizations to streamline complex work processes for greater convenience.

We gather IT solutions that assist in managing various work processes

including automatic language translation systems, conference participation systems, automated robotics, electronic tax systems, digital signatures, as well as data security tools and many more.

With our comprehensive service systems available in both local and online clouds, we can provide users with responsive and efficient solutions.

Combined with state-of-the-art international software and backed by expert consultants in Thailand and abroad, we are confident that our services will undoubtedly assist you.

Providing consultation by experts
Providing IT solutions services

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