Blast email service for collecting potential customer
and attendees for your B2B event


Are you facing problems with Email Marketing that haven't reached your target audience yet?

We can provide blast e-mail service can deliver over 10,000

Major Thai and Japanese company

Manufacture, Logistics, Retail, Finance, Government, Research, University etc.
Manager who have decision rights
Fresh list (within 1 year we collect)

Our Artwork

Blast Email Template


Why Choose Our Email Marketing Service?


Targeted Reach

Reach your desired audience with personalized, targeted messages that drive engagement and conversions.


A / B Testing

There is measurement of open rates and click-through rates to test campaign effectiveness for future content improvement


Responsive email templates

Our templates can accommodate all screen sizes, which will help create an impression and capture the attention of the recipients



Gain valuable analytics and reporting to optimize your strategies and achieve better results.


Effective Contact Management

here is management and segmentation of your contact list for each campaign to create content tailored to the behavior of the recipients



We have strategies to avoid spammy content and a system to check for SPAM values before sending, so you can be confident that your email will reach the recipients for sure

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* First come first serve, can provide 3 companies only

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled a database that includes over 10,000 email addresses of individuals with decision-making authority within organizations. This means you can directly reach individuals with decision-making power and potential customers.

We categorize email addresses by industry, position, company size, and other relevant factors. This grouping ensures that your content reaches those who have the potential to become your customers

Certainly, we offer A/B testing services to help you improve your email campaigns by comparing different elements of the email. We can identify what resonates best with decision-makers and refine your strategy accordingly.

We have a content testing system to avoid and reduce the chances of landing in the spam folder, along with an accurate dashboard system for campaign performance measurement from campaign to campaign.

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