New sales leads generation service using by
B to B online seminar

Do you want to know how to get over 1,000 sale leads
by small budget within few months?

Customer's Voice
We are providing consulting company. We are developing next-generation Bio Ethanol and support business development especially related bio-based products for Thai and Japanese companies to expand their business. When we held an online seminar supported by ECMS, over 600 businesspersons joined from Thai and Japanese companies. We were surprised and convinced that the potential market of “Bio Ethanol” is very big in Thailand. After we held the seminar, we got several business deals from major companies, and we expected to expand our business with them. We prepared a seminar for only 1 month, and ECMS supported it. So, we do not need to use so much time for preparation, but we can get a lot of useful information and contact information from the market. If we did not use ECMS service, we could not get new sales leads and opportunities. I think this online support service is very cost effective for companies doing B to B business.
Director Mr. Hidetoshi Umeki

Are you facing issues with organizing online seminars?

Benefits of this service

Benefit 1:
Can get new potential customer

You can get new potential customer few hundred to 1,000 in one online seminar.

Benefit 2:
Can understand what customers need for your products and services

- You can have business meeting with high potential customers in one time.
- You can understand more clearly what is really required, if customer buy your products or services.

Benefit 3:
Reduce advertising cost

- We deliver your seminar information over 10,000 e-mail address
- We also hold many online seminars. So, we can promote same category seminar in one time from several companies’ budget. You can reduce your advertising cost compared to promote only your company.

Benefit 4:
Your staff can focus on what they have to do

- If you request to do online seminar or online marketing to normal staff, It takes time and cannot get good result.
We can do all process within 1 month and can provide many new potential customers. Your staff can focus on taking care high potential customers.

How can our services help your business?

Issue 1

Your company products / service and concept are interested in Thai persons?

Solution: ECMS has knowledge and experience which keyword can get interesting by Thai person.
We can propose more better seminar theme and title to collect sales lead for your target customer.

Issue 2

If sales lead are too many do not have enough manpower to take care all.

Solution: Filtering high potential customers based on your target and strategy buy using questionnaire.

Issue 3

Your company still do not know why your product or service still could not sell so much

Solution: Through many business meeting in same time. you can understand what is important for customer.

Issue 4

many company decide how to improve your service and product not enough customers voice and data.

Solution: you can decide what you need to change based on many questionnaire answer and business meeting result.

Strengths of ECMS
Why do you need ECMS services?

We know what kind of theme Thai business persons interested in recently

So we can propose more attractive seminar theme for audience based on your service and product.

We have our webinar platform ECO and IT and holding same category theme webinar same timing

Customer can get more attendees low advertisement cost.

We have over 10,000 e-mail list persons who belongs Thai and Japanese major companies especially ECO and IT field

Our customer segment is mainly in the industry sector, especially in ECO and IT

Our staff will provide you one stop online marketing service.

Planning, collect attendees, hold seminar, collect questionnaire and follow up call. Can understand your service and product more and can make high potential customer compere support only part of marketing process.

Service process

Step 1


Step 2

Discuss with customer
and decide seminar contents

Step 3

Promote seminar
and prepare contents

Step 4

Hold online seminar

Step 5

Collect questionnaire

Step 6

Make appointment with potential customers

*Customers can order from us either the entire process or specific parts of the process needed for your event.

Our online Seminar Result


(*1) persons who register questionnaire after seminar.

Our artwork


Blast Email


Service after the seminar


Archive VDO

We produce VDO to record seminars for attendees who missed the live seminar and provide video playback services to expand your customer base, products, and services.



Live Q&A With Mentor

We offer personal consultation services to assist, advise, and provide solutions for various business-related problems for our customers. We will schedule private meetings for your convenience to address and resolve issues more closely.

Meet Our Clients

we work for them

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Webinars are online seminars that allow you to present information, engage with seminar participants, and create brand awareness. They are another tool that helps generate sales opportunities, share knowledge, and reach potential customers more effectively.

Our online seminar organizing service covers every aspect of webinars, from planning and sales promotion to technical setup and post-event analysis. We guarantee you’ll have a different experience because we have a professional team working on it. So, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about the complex steps of webinar organization.

Webinars are diverse and can benefit businesses in various ways, from startups to large organizations. Whether you want to provide knowledge, showcase products, promote goods, or engage with your audience, webinars are another effective channel to expand your online presence and market efficiently.

You can start very easily! Simply contact us through our contact page. Our team will then schedule a consultation and discuss your goals. After that, we will customize the webinar plan to best suit your needs and business.

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