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Information Management Solutions to lead your businesses working smarter with the Paperless Management By Canon Marketing Thailand

Elevate your business above the competition

Features to elevate your business
above the competition [ Therefore™ ]


Connect and manage accounting tasks automatically

- Improve work efficiency and reduce manual entry errors, Automate invoice retrieval with AI
- Increased efficiency with electronic workflow approvals by executives anywhere 24/7


Monitor financial status, Cash Flow Statement

- Save time with automatic invoice storage with index key as same as hashtags
- Systematic retrieval, linking and indexing as proof of payment from customers
- Reduce the number of unpaid days with automatic overdue payment reminders


Organize and secure employee personal files

- Easy retrieval with electronic document storage structure
- Safety technology compliance , can help guarantee the confidentiality of information
- Save storage space


Streamlining Supply Chain & Operations and document management

- Integration with existing systems to reduce duplicate data entry
- Handle collections, inspections and archiving of proof of delivery along with other information related to the transportation system


Strengthen cooperation with business partners

- Instantly share documents with business partners through a secure channel
- Ensure that only partners are allowed to view content
- Submission by frontline staff via electronic forms


Follow up on legal departments and contract documents

- Control in use version of system and ensure access that only updated information is handled by the party with management authority
- Maintaining structure for approved legal documents
- Notification before contract expiration time

Therefore E-document & Workflow Solution

Therefore - store, manage, process and analyze all types of business data

1 month Free trial !

Functions of [ Therefore™ ]

Increase business efficiency
Paperless document
Automatic Management
To increase the security of corporate data

Capture, organize and manage information

a copy and paper documents can be archived, indexed, creating security for documents


Automatic extraction of invoice data

with AI without the limitations of templates or any layout, increasing productivity by eliminating the need for manual data entry


Paperless Working

Digitize your business processing, Optimize electronic processes reduce the time required Increase business vision and monitoring of all processes


A portal that is enabled with external organizations

External organizations can read and share documents safely & Improve communication with customers or business partners


Support E-Signature

e.g. DocuSign, Simple Sign, YouSign etc. Quickly and reliably add security to your documents & Reduce costs and save time


Contact smoothly by Canon Multi functional

Documents can be scanned and archived to Therefore in one step from the device or document scanner


Easy to work with e-mail

A mailbox monitor and automatic email archiving for each save and export step


Flexible to use

Through dynamic mobile apps, websites, and web clients Enables front-line users to upload, review, and process workflows without installing any software.


Integration with popular software solutions

such as SAP, Microsoft Office/SharePoint/ PowerBI/Business Central by connectors or REST calls make your workflow more efficient


Support both Cloud and On-prem

Ready to meet the needs of different companies

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Therefore E-document & Workflow Solution

Therefore - store, manage, process and analyze all types of business data

1 month Free trial !


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