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"Cybersecurity Threat Hunting"

Learn how to search, retrieve, and detect threats from data sources using various tools. In this workshop, you’ll get hands-on practice through a Cyber Range, which will enable you to start detecting threats on your own.
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In this workshop, you’ll learn essential tools and techniques to effectively respond to cyber threats, along with accessing information about various threats to respond promptly to potential cyber threats.

This hands-on cybersecurity training includes real-world experiences with Cyber Range simulations.

You'll engage in deep dive exercises and simulated scenarios designed to enhance your ability to search, detect, and respond to threats using various tools. Through this workshop, you'll practice on Cyber Range to initiate threat detection applicable in real-world situations, empowering you to confidently handle cybersecurity threats.

Why do you have to join our online workshop?

1. To gain real-world experience through hands-on practice via Cyber Range.

2. To learn essential tools and techniques for responding to cybersecurity threats.

3. To access information about various threats shared by experienced instructors.

4. To exchange ideas and share experiences with others.


Lecture by expert speaker from


Watcharaphon W.

CISSP, SANS GCIH and GCFA, SSCP, CEHv8, ECSA, Pentest+, Security+, MCT
[CEO and Founder SOSECURE Co., Ltd.]

Who should attend this Online Workshop?

1. IT professionals

including IT managers, network administrators, system administrators, and cybersecurity experts responsible for maintaining the cybersecurity infrastructure of organizations.

2. Business owners and executives

concerned about the cybersecurity status of their organizations and seeking information on cyber threat detection methods.

3. Security practitioners

such as security analysts, incident responders, and individuals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in cyber threat detection, analysis, and response.



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