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Introduction to the 1-day training course

Many companies’ systems had already been attacked by hackers and leaked information. Sometime also requested ransom and paid huge money to fix problems.

Nowadays, those problems continue to increase more and more. Therefore, this 1-day cybersecurity online training course by BroadBand Security (A Leading Aecurity Service Company from Japan), A cybersecurity expert will help you to see more of the overview of situation of Cyber Security in Thailand also point out problems and attack issues of each field of work which can be put in place for each issue effectively.

Example of online training cyber security Digital forensics

Date & Time

Training content

1. Introduction to Cyber ​​Security

- Cyber security in the past
- What is “Zero Trust”?

2. Understanding the importance of cyber security in each industry

- Financial sector (Bank, Credit Card)
- Industrial sector (Factory, Warehouse)
- Software outsourcing
- BPO (Call Centre etc.)
- Remote work
- Supply chain (Security for some companies in one same supply chain)

3. Security management And Operations on the part of the organization

- CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team)
- Daily security management
- The reason of frail (hardening, security patch, secure coding) and how to fix this problem
- Vulnerability Diagnostic These include Web App / Network , Source code check, Other Diagnostic (Smartphone app / Cloud Security)
- Human and security (remote work / logging)
- Targeted email attack response training
- Awareness training
- Digital forensic / Incident response

4. Security audit methods according to world standards (can apply for PDPA)

- Example of data mapping and log management the case of PCI-DSS
- Simple diagnostic with an interview (can apply PDPA)

Cybersecurity Current Situation in Thailand

Cybersecurity survey of “Are you experiencing any of these problems?”
Survey to ECMS customer: total number of answer 323 companies (Jan 2023)

Staff's PC infected with a virus
Cyber attack to server or application
System was hacked and hacker requested ransom
Have experienced a data breach

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Voice from Attendees ! Cyber Security 1 Day Training


Course 1:

*Archive video will be delivered on 1st Dec 2022
*Deadline of application on Wed 16th Nov, 2022

Course 2:

*Archive video will be delivered 1st – 31st Dec, 2022
*Deadline of application on Wed 16th Dec, 2022

How to apply

1. Please Apply this training from website
2. ECMS will announce the payment
3. Please send information to ECMS as follows
- Customer’s company ID (the case of personal, confirm personal ID)
- Payment slip
- Customer will pay to ECMS
4. ECMS will issue the invoice and TAX invoice

Special privileges for trainees on Friday 18 Nov, 2022 only!

- Get free soft file of training material
- Free 30-60 min consultation by lecturer (first 5 persons only)
- Free trial of automatic vulnerability diagnostic [Cracker Probing-Eyes (CPE) (1 time)]

Let's learn together with industry experts!

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