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in an in-depth conversation about Cybersecurity Careers in 2024:
Trends, Skills from SOSECURE!


About the online seminar

Inviting everyone to join our Free Webinar on the topic of Cybersecurity Careers in 2024!

Cybersecurity Careers in 2024: Trends, Skills from SOSECURE!

In the year 2024, it’s time for us to take you into the challenging field of Cybersecurity! SOSECURE invites you to participate in a deep-dive discussion to exchange insights into ‘Cybersecurity Careers in 2024.’ This session aims to familiarize you with upcoming trends, essential skills, and techniques that will make you an expert in the industry, both on the REDTEAM and BLUETEAM fronts, all together.

Highlight at the seminar

Date and Time

1. New trends in the Cybersecurity field in 2024
2. Essential skills and knowledge for this career path
3. Techniques and strategies from experts in the Red Team and Blue Team
4. Recommendations for preparing for the future of Cybersecurity

Whether you are someone interested in starting a career in this field or looking to update trends, this webinar will help you prepare for the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

Date and Time

Why do you have to attend the seminar?

1. To explore trends in the Cybersecurity field in the future

In today's digital world, rapid changes are occurring. Staying updated on trends is crucial. In this seminar, you will gain valuable insights into the latest updates in Cybersecurity careers for 2024 directly from industry experts.

2. To update essential skills and knowledge

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer, understanding essential skills is crucial. We will delve into the necessary skills for your cybersecurity career growth.

3. To learn Red Team & Blue Team strategies

You will receive in-depth information from experts, along with techniques and strategies for effectively managing cybersecurity threats.

4. To prepare for the future

Our seminar will provide you with the knowledge and advice necessary to prepare for the future in cybersecurity, ensuring that you are ready to handle potential situations with confidence.


Lectures by expert speakers from

[Sosecure co. ltd]

Watcharaphon W.

CEO / Founder
[Sosecure co. ltd]

Pongsakorn E.

Lead Cyber Security Consultant

Thawit M.

Lead Cyber Security Consultant

Who should attend this seminar?

1. IT Professionals: To develop skills and learn advanced techniques from experts in both Red Team and Blue Team.

2. Individuals interested in Security and IT: To deepen understanding of cybersecurity trends.

3. Students passionate about IT and cybersecurity: To receive in-depth information to kickstart your career.

4. Business Owners and Decision-makers: To understand cybersecurity measures to protect the organization.

5. Relevant Individuals: To learn practical information for personal and organizational cybersecurity.



*Note: For participants only and inform the news of the Road To Cybersecurity program to students
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