How can I start to become a White Hat Hacker or Pentester?

Kickstart your path as a White Hat Hacker and Pentester with expert guidance from experienced specialists in system penetration testing


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Red Team vs Blue Team exercises are very useful for establishing a robust security system and network.

Through the process of Red Team attacking and Blue Team defending, companies can understand the risk of cyber incidents and what they have to do clearly.
What is the Red Team? (Offensive approach of cyber security)

Red Team is “White Hacker” specialist who can attack a target network and system for finding the risk of a security incident.
Key techniques: Penetration testing, Phishing, Intercepting communication tool, Card cloning etc.

What is the Blue Team? (Defensive approach of cyber security)

Blue Team is Cybersecurity specialists who can create a robust security system and protect assets from hackers.
Key techniques: DNS audit, firewall access controls, IDS, IPS, SIEM solution, log management, digital forensics.

What you will learn:

- Strategies employed by White Hat Hackers
- Methods for cyber threat prevention
- Real-world insights into Red Team operations and attack methodologies
- Steps to enhance the cybersecurity measures of your organization

Highlight at the seminar

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First steps to becoming a proficient White Hat Hacker, essential foundations, and why both White Hat Hackers and Pentesters remain in high demand in the field of Cyber Security.

In this webinar, we'll discuss with experienced specialists focusing on penetration testing.

Date and Time

Why do you have to attend the seminar?

1. To understand the role and significance of Pentesters.

2. Direct guidance from experienced specialists.

3. To update essential skills and knowledge.

4. Explore tools and techniques favored by industry experts.


Lectures by expert speakers from


Watcharaphon W.

CEO / Founder
[Sosecure co. ltd]


Pongsakorn E.

Lead Cyber Security Consultant
[Sosecure co. ltd]


Thawit M.

Lead Cyber Security Consultant
[Sosecure co. ltd]

Who should attend this seminar?

1. Cybersecurity professionals seeking the latest updates.

2. IT experts looking to change career paths.

3. Students and recent graduates.

4. Tech enthusiasts interested in IT and cybersecurity.

5. General individuals interested in cybersecurity.



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