King of Time
No.1 Share attendance system in Japan

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King of time attendance system

6 reasons to use the「King of Time®」

6 reasons to use the
「King of Time®」

No. 1 share in Japan
An easy-to-use system
Abundant function
Abundant Clock-in Methods
Can apply many countries
Simple fee structure

King of Time No.1 Share attendance system in Japan

You can easy manage attendance management process, improve back office indirect work productivity and reduce operation cost.

60 days free trial

Function of「King of Time®」

Function of「King of Time®」


1. Apply for flexible working pattern

King of Time has features that allow you to introduce flexible work schedules such as remote work, telecommuting, and staggered rotating shifts easily.


2. Visualize working status

Real-time work status confirmation is realized. For example, you can grasp the overtime hours of employees at branches even from a remote head office, so you can quickly adjust rotation. You can also get location information.


3. Application / approval workflow

Employees can apply for overtime, leave and schedules via KING OF TIME. Applications can be centrally-managed and the administrator can easily process them simply by approving or rejecting them.


4. Leave management

You can manage an unlimited number of various leaves such as paid leave, replacement leave, holidays, summer vacations, condolence vacations, and company-specific vacations.


5. Shift management

Flexible schedule registration is possible according to various work styles such as shift system and fixed system.


6. Time zone management

It is useful for manufacturing, restaurant, and retail industries. You can divide 24 hours a day into up to 8 divisions, and calculate company-specific time divisions (early morning work, daytime work, late night work, etc.).

Multiple clock-in method

We can provide wide variety of time stamping methods.


Terminal Reader

Connect via WIFI or LAN scan your fingerprint or can use a card to stamp slim design (Please hang it on the wall near the door) Multilingual.


Finger hybrid reader (PC connection)

State-of-the-art “finger hybrid authentication” that reads fingerprint information and finger vein information at the same time without contact.


My recorder

It is an individual time clock that stamps on the WEB from your own terminal (PC / smartphone / tablet). It also supports location information. It is a stamping method that suits modern work styles such as teleworking and working from home.


GPS Attendance app for KING OF TIME

Attendance stamping application that utilizes location information. It is a geo-fencing function that can set the stamp able range.


There are both Admin and User versions


This application allows you to specify the clock-in area and set the radius area using the geofencing function for the “KING OF TIME” employee app.


Clock-in / out form app.

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Windows logon / off

Windows logon / logoff of your personal computer will be automatically stamped for attendance and departure. It is a stamping method that suppresses overtime work and grasps accurate working hours.

60 days free trial available every functions


King of Time No.1 Share attendance system in Japan

You can easy manage attendance management process, improve back office indirect work productivity and reduce operation cost.

60 days free trial


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