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Introduction of Logistics & Supply Chain Course

Logistics and supply chain management that everyone is well known in the name of Logistics & Supply. Store goods picking Increases the efficiency of transportation and distribution reduces costs, reduces the loss of market opportunities, and increases competitiveness. To gain an advantage over competitors Chains, which is an important tool important in business competition in today’s era. Understanding logistics and supply chains will enable organizations to increase their work potential. In order to truly respond to customer satisfaction, the course “Logistics & Supply Chain, Warehouse and Distribution” is designed according to modern concepts that can be applied to practice on the subject. Logistics & Supply Chain in line with the main objectives of the organization and the needs of diverse customers and understand the process of improving the efficiency of Logistics & Supply Chain to be able to meet the needs of customers

Logistics & Supply Chain Course: Warehouse and Distribution Management
For factory managers, executives at all levels, and warehouse personnel


Training content

1. Definition of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
2. Important roles and values ​​of logistics and supply chain management in sustainable business development
3. Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy Design and Planning in the Industry 4.0 Era
4. Case Study Professional Logistics and Supply Chain Analysis
5. Definition of warehouse management, objectives, values and benefits of warehouse
6. Roles and responsibilities of modern warehouse management
7. Warehouse management technology in the form of Digital Platform 4.0
8. How to manage Inventory Costs efficiently
9. Application of JIT and ABC system to reduce inventory
10. The Important Role and Value of Shipping and Distribution
11. Reducing shipping and distribution costs
12. Designing logistics and distribution strategies
13. Transportation and distribution management technology in the form of Digital Platform 4.0
14. Case studies, administration and management of logistics and distribution

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Date & Time

Lectures by

Mr.Anant Derojanawong

– Consultant of the Confederation of Supporting Industries Association 2014 – Present

– Consultant of Lean Production Industry Network, Technology Promotion Association, Thai-Japan

– Independent consultant on Lean Manufacturing & Logistics Management

– Special Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Logistics Management Branch, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (TNI) 2013-present

– Special Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Logistics Management Branch, Sripatum University 2010-present

– Special Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Marketing Branch, Master’s Degree in Logistics Management, Ramkhamhaeng University, 2009-2010

– Speaker on the topic of Lean Production & Manufacturing Graduate School of Business 2009-Present

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* The application deadline : Friday 24 Feb, 2023

* 2 Coffee breaks (No lunch)

* Training video recordings are not available. Please attend the training at the specified time only

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