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Help employees recognize and report phishing attempt

About Online Workshop

This workshop is organized to raise awareness about the threat of phishing attacks for personnel in the organization. Phishing is a popular deception technique used by malicious actors to trick users into revealing personal or confidential organizational information, or unintentionally downloading malware.
Participants will learn about common phishing attack techniques, how to verify and identify phishing attempts, and appropriate practices when encountering such attacks. This helps reduce risks and protect the organization from cybersecurity threats.

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Date and Time

1. Current Email Phishing Threats

- Meaning and various phishing attack tactics
- Statistics and impacts of phishing attacks on organizations
- Why simulating phishing attacks with email is necessary

2. Simulating Phishing Threat Scenarios

- Introduction to phishing attack simulation tools
- Designing and creating templates for attacks
- Preparing websites to capture victim data
- Testing phishing email attacks on target groups

3. Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting

- Checking status of simulated attacks
- Collecting and analyzing data from simulations
- Preparing summary reports of simulation results

4. Strategies for Preventing and Reporting Phishing Attacks

- Best practices to prevent phishing attacks
- Process for reporting suspicious incidents
- Fostering a culture of security in the organization

Date and Time

Why do you have to join our online workshop?

1. To track and update techniques used by cybercriminals in phishing email attacks.

2. Equip your team with essential skills to detect and report suspicious emails. to protect your organization

3. To protect sensitive information from and minimize damage from unauthorized data breaches

4. To promote a culture with awareness and caution By proactively preventing problems that arise from phishing emails within your organization

Lectures and workshops by

Natruja Panma

[Phishing Email Introduction]

Shivut Teshoyabutr

[Phishing Email Workshop Processing]


Who should attend this Online Workshop?

1. IT manager and IT staff

IT Managers and IT Staff : As an IT manager or IT staff member, you play a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing your company's cybersecurity infrastructure.

Our workshopwill guide you through the phishing email platform and its functions. You will learn how these platforms can help you simulate and identify phishing attacks. This enables you to efficiently test and train your employees. By using these platforms proficiently You can improve your organization's phishing email awareness program and improve your overall cybersecurity.

2. General Managers

As General Manager : Responsible for ensuring that employees within the organization have the ability to identify and respond to email phishing attempts. to protect the reputation of your company

Our workshops will provide you with the knowledge and tools to create a comprehensive phishing email awareness program. Email phishing attacks can lead to data leaks. financial loss and damage to your brand image. And this workshop will greatly help your company reduce the risk of falling victim to these threats.

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*In the case of a free trial, your manager or decision maker must be done the online meeting with us.

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