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Inviting everyone to join our Free Webinar on the topic of “Next generation SOC” (Security Operation Center)
In today’s world, organizations of all sizes face serious and rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats. Attackers are constantly finding new vulnerabilities to exploit, and their methods are becoming more sophisticated. As a result, traditional security solutions are no longer enough.
SOSECURE is proud to present the Next generation SOC (Security Operation Center), a new approach to security for the modern organization. In this seminar, you will learn how to protect your organization with cutting-edge AI technology like Stella, which gives you the power to see, analyze, and stop threats with unprecedented accuracy and speed.
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Date and Time

1. What is Next generation SOC SOC?

This session will demystify the concept of Next generation SOC (Security Operation Center) and explain how it differs from traditional SOCs. We will also explore how Next generation SOC (Security Operation Center) integrate people, technology, and advanced AI to provide comprehensive security.

2. Why is Next generation SOC important?

This session will help you understand the threats that organizations face today and how Next generation SOC (Security Operation Center) can help you address them. We will also discuss the benefits of Next generation SOC (Security Operation Center) and how it can help you improve your security posture.

3. Stella

Stella is a next-generation threat detection tool that uses AI and machine learning to analyze massive amounts of data and identify anomalies. Stella can detect threats in real time, which helps organizations to prevent data breaches.

4. Real-Time Attack Simulation

See Stella in action as we simulate a real-world attack. You will see how quickly Stella can identify and stop threats.

Date and Time

Why do you have to attend the seminar?

In a world where cyber threats are constantly evolving, organizations need to have modern detection and prevention systems in place. SOSECURE’s Next generation SOC seminar is a great opportunity for organizations to improve their security posture. Participants will see a live demo of the Next generation SOC (Security Operation Center) system in action from Stella, a leading threat detection platform. Organizations interested in “test driving” the system can also register to use their own logs for a real-world test. SOSECURE will provide on-site support for organizations that participate in the test drive.


Lecture by expert speakers from


Watcharaphon W.

CISSP, SANS GCIH and GCFA, SSCP, CEHv8, ECSA, Pentest+, Security+, MCT
[CEO and Founder SOSECURE Co., Ltd.]

Who should attend this seminar?

1. IT executives

looking for a new approach to cybersecurity that can meet the needs of their organization

2. Network administrators

who want to update their knowledge of Next generation SOC (Security Operation Center) technology and AI tools for work

3. Cybersecurity professionals

who want to learn about the effectiveness of Next generation SOC (Security Operation Center) systems and how they can be integrated with AI to enhance their knowledge and strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities



*Only for seminar participants! SOSECURE invites you to bring your organization’s logs to test Stella Onsite to experience its threat detection capabilities before anyone else!
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