The key point of vulnerability assessment (VA)
for web app and network

With recent cyber security update in Thailand

How to check the risk based on OWASP Top 10


About the online seminar

Vulnerability analysis or assessment refers to the process of identifying weaknesses or threats that may occur in a system, network, or software that could be exploited by attackers. It involves analyzing various aspects of the system, including configuration, architecture, and code, to detect security vulnerabilities. The goal of vulnerability assessment is to detect and address security issues before they are exploited, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches, unauthorized access, and other security incidents

Highlight at the seminar

Date and Time

1. Update of recent cyber security situation in Thailand
2. How to diagnose vulnerabilities in web apps and network use by system?
3. Share detail of some vulnerabilities case and how to fix them based on OWASP Top 10
4. Introducing the service and operation of the automated vulnerability scanning tool “Cracker Probing-Eyes®

*Sorry for the inconvenience, we cannot providing the archive video. Please attend the seminar at the specified time only.

Date and Time

*Sorry for the inconvenience, we cannot providing the archive video. Please attend the seminar at the specified time only.

Why do you have to attend the seminar?

– Keeps you up-to-date: on the latest techniques and tools used to detect and prevent security vulnerabilities

– Increases your knowledge: helps you deepen your understanding of these concepts. and gain practical knowledge from experts in that field

– Enables protection for your organization: helps you better protect your organization from cyber attacks and data breaches

Who should attend this seminar?

1. People who want to increase the IT security skill
2. Managers those who need an IT security solution to help with their work
3. Business owners of all sizes who want to digitalize their business data
4. People who are interested or need a knowledge to further developing


Privilege for a person who attending this seminar only

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